Please let me tell you a bit about myself and then everything else is about and for you…

It’s your feelings, your emotions, your happiness, your confidence, your beauty… YOUR DAY

My name is Bonita my friends call me Bonnie.

I am an International make-up artist and a professional hair stylist with my much loved studio on a cosmopolitan cobbled street in the heart of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK.

I’m blessed and very lucky that my unique creative flair, great sense of fun and my unrivalled passion gives me the opportunity to work throughout the UK and worldwide doing what I love and what I love is make up…

When not on location I love to be with you my bride creating together your unique look which will be a truly timeless, flawless, confident beautiful you.

The you that your loved ones know and adore!

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Nominated one of the top ten make-up artists in the UK

Make-up is not about how much you put on - but how you put it on!

Bonita B

Bonita B Studio - Enhancing your natural beauty